chef cloud

Say the word “chef” and traditionally, it conjures up images of a big white hat atop a restaurant chef. However, the recipe for this dynamic chef goes against all tradition. Chef Myeshia Cloud is known for her bold flavors and intense personality to say the least. Born and raised in Baltimore, Chef Cloud has always used her environment as inspiration. At the age of 13 she fell in love with cooking and never looked back. She is continuously on a search for knowledge because she understands the smartest chef knows nothing and must continue to strive to learn every day.

Beginning her career as a hospitality professional, Chef Cloud gave up her front-of-the-house life to pursue her passion for food and cooking and entered the culinary industry. Her classical training is from the Culinary Institute of Virginia. She  has also obtained her bachelor’s degree in Management from Coppin State University.  Chef Cloud has worked for the renowned Walt Disney World Resort as well as the Rec Pier Chop House and B&O American Brasserie in Baltimore, MD. In 2015 Chef Cloud started Maddie’s Kitchen named after her lovely daughter, Madison. In 2018 she will be launching a pop series which is sure to be magical. So keep an eye out for Chef Cloud because she is only getting started and she hopes you’re hungry.